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Turning Toward – An Anchor of Intention

Turn off autopilot. Turn on connection.

I recently defined an Anchor of Intention as a brief but powerful moment of mindfulness that we purposefully incorporate into our days. Something that adds meaning to the mundane. One such way to drop an anchor of intention is to pose a question that requires more than a simple “yes,” “no,” “fine,” or “not bad” response; a prompt that will spark conversation.

Often we hurry through our busy lives, dashing from one obligation to the next. We speak to our loved ones in the language of logistics and once the day’s events are through, we bury our noses in digital distractions, or retreat to our separate spaces to individually decompress.

It is far too easy to wind up doing life beside people without ever Turning Toward them. Real connections are forged when we pause to look into one another’s eyes and share from the heart. Sometimes we get stumped for new material when looking for a topic to explore, but all we need is a little push in the right direction.

Check out the Shop to find a 52-card deck of conversation prompts aptly titled Turning Toward. They make a great accessory for a road trip, a first date, a dinner party, or any situation where “how was your day?” feels like a stale stock question straight from your autopilot setting. Instead, draw a card from your Turning Toward deck to learn more about your loved ones, and take a moment to enjoy the conversations that arise when you choose to turn toward one another.

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