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March Forth


A couple years ago, I read a book excerpt from Sasha Sagan about how she and her mother always thought the fourth day of March would be an excellent date for celebrating perseverance, goal setting, and general life improvement. It’s right there in the homonym: March 4th. March forth.

Personal Evaluation

I am something of a personal growth geek, so making up a holiday to focus on such a thing was right up my alley. I added an annually recurring event to my calendar as a reminder to use that day to take stock of my intentions and decide exactly in which direction I wanted to “march forth.”

If that notion resonates with you as well, I encourage you to check in with yourself. If you set goals around the new year, take stock of what is still serving you two months later versus what you might let go of instead. Maybe you’ve just clawed your way out of a challenging time; celebrate your march through the muck and honor your own strength! Whether you feel directionless or excited about the path you are on, take a moment to set some intentions for where you go from here.

Marching Through Hard Times

Perhaps this day doesn’t have to be about you at all. When the date arrived in 2020, I couldn’t help but to think of the impeccable timing for those left in the path of destruction from Nashville’s devastating tornado a day earlier. Whether they realized it or not, thousands of people had no choice but to march forth that day. They were building a new normal after losing a loved one. They were rebuilding their courage to face severe weather. They were rebuilding a hope for the future. Rebuilding their homes. Rebuilding their businesses. They were rebuilding their lives.

Two years later, my mind is fixated on Ukraine and the people there who are marching forth into a war they never asked for–marching forth to defend their land. The refugees marching forth across the borders, desperate to save their families. And I can only hope for peace to swiftly march forth and put an end to this needless violence.

Use What You Have, Do What You Can

Today I challenge you to march forth alongside all who are suffering, near or far. We each have something to give. March forth with whatever resources you have available: your time, your money, your tools, your voice, your food, your hands, your skills, your transportation, your guest rooms, your hugs, your phone chargers, your encouragement. There is always a need. Find it and fill it. March forth together. And not only today. March forth until the work is done.

PS: The work of loving each other will never be done. Keep marching forth anyway.

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