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Finding Stillness After Tragedy

I took to the mountains for a break from the chaos. This morning at the cabin, I brewed a single cup of coffee and carried my book and journal out to the deck for some quiet time in nature. It’s six and a half hours later, and I’m still here. I have read, journaled, stretched my body, snuggled my pup, and written a poem:

Stillness and Swirling

To find stillness in a swirling world
     Cannot be overrated. 

In the stillness
     Is where we process.

Where we cut through the noise.
     And discern which voice is truly ours.

Where we reflect on the rest of the voices
     That echo through our minds

And glean what wisdom they had to offer
     Or what foolishness we need to reject. 

In the stillness
     We return to ourselves

With deeper understanding
     With profound clarity

So that we may rejoin the swirling world
     A more enlightened citizen.

A centered citizen,
     With a purpose and a path.

Retreat to Repond

It may seem counterintuitive to “retreat” when the world is on fire, to seek stillness after tragedy when action feels more important. But remember that response is more impactful than reaction. If you, like me, get overwhelmed by the chaos that immediately follows a crisis, take a moment to be still. Find enough quiet to hear your own thoughts again, and you may be surprised at how that energizes and focuses your drive and direction. Don’t retreat forever, but do take a moment away from the chatter.

Reminder: Chatter is just people talking. Voices have something to say. Quiet the chatter, and find your voice. Then respond accordingly.

What are you doing to find stillness today? 

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